OrdiChains 1.0:

  • Implement BRC-20 peer-to-peer cross-chain bridge to the Ethereum network.

  • Enhance BRC-20 token with DeFi financial attributes.

  • Launch Farm and Lend functionalities.

  • Conduct the initial token sale for the OICH platform token.

OrdiChains 2.0:

  • Expand to support multi-chain bridge transfers and increase the variety of supported cross-chain connections.

  • Promote cross-chain integration of more ecosystems using the Ordinals protocol.

  • Enable cross-chain functionality for Ordinals NFTs.

  • Introduce DeFi financial attributes for Ordinals NFTs.

  • Launch the Launch feature to facilitate the release of high-quality projects.

OrdiChains 3.0:

  • Become a bridge connecting various public blockchains.

  • Support a wider range of public chains and digital assets.

  • Establish industry standards for cross-chain integration based on the Ordinals protocol.

  • Enable cross-chain functionality for more protocol token types, such as BRC-20, ORC-20, SRC-20.

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