The total number of OICH tokens :

21,000,000 OICH

Token utility:

OICH tokens are practical and can be used for paying cross-chain transaction fees at a discounted rate (adjusted daily), participating in governance voting, and listing projects.

Token allocation:

10% for core developers, 40% for the community, and 50% for the ecosystem.

Launchpad participation:

As an OICH token holder, you will have the opportunity to participate in the project's Launchpad. The Launchpad serves as a platform or channel that allows you to invest in and contribute to the development of new projects.

Cross-chain fee discounts:

When using OICH tokens to pay for cross-chain transaction fees, you will enjoy discounted rates. This means that choosing to use OICH tokens for cross-chain transactions can provide you with certain discounts on the fees.

Cross-chain rewards:

Users participating in cross-chain transactions have the chance to receive OICH token rewards. This reward mechanism aims to encourage active participation in cross-chain transactions and reward users for their involvement and contributions.

Swap liquidity rewards:

By providing swap liquidity for BRC20 tokens, you will receive OICH tokens as rewards. By providing liquidity, you have the opportunity to earn a certain amount of OICH tokens.

OICH token buyback and burn:

The project will utilize various fee revenues to buy back and burn OICH tokens. This buyback and burn mechanism helps reduce the supply of OICH tokens, potentially increasing their scarcity and value. 50% of the cross-chain fee is used to repurchase OICH.

Future functionalities:

In addition to the mentioned features, the project is continuously under development, and more functionalities will be introduced over time. Stay tuned for updates!

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